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Managed Services

We offer domain name registration, web hosting, web design, email services and more.

Our Services

  • Web domain management solutions

  • Personal managed web hosting

  • Managed Google Suite services

  • SME ICT consultancy services

Bridging Services

The key for our expansion in 2019 was to build resiliency on what we have already developed and bridge with partners to improve customer choices. This is why we are proud to create partnerships. Find out what we have in the works.

Our Future Plans

We have been select with who we pick as customers, it matters that it is a right fit for both parties. A balance has always been needed to meet demands on the constraints of a budget or due to technical limitations. Going forward we will explore options to open up services to a larger client base.

Whats Next

  • Professional design agency services

  • Legal advice and compliance services

  • Managed kubernetes resilient hosting

  • Website optimisation services

  • Cyber Security reports & more

Our Clients

Who We Help

We have worked with SME's and individuals over the years to provide technical support for all there IT problems, especially during emergency situations.

We have often built resiliency into what they do with their online services and lowered their costs. Have you a handle on your current setup?

Are you ready?

Enter your name and email for a technical challenge, we'll ask a few questions about your current setup and see what best practices you have taken and what should be on your radar for the future.

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